“Eileen combines a deep knowledge of the Brookline market -- not only where it is, but also where it has been, where it is going, and why -- with extraordinarily sensitive social antennae, remarkable judgment and nerves of steel.  Put these qualities together with a wry sense of humor and a unique willingness to tell blunt truths and you have pretty much everything you could ask for in an agent. She has seen everything, and learned from it.  We felt that way when we bought our house and Eileen represented the seller; we engaged her to help us sell, and we had that conclusion proved to us again.  At every point, pricing, staging, publicizing, and negotiating we relied on her help and were never disappointed.  I really don’t see how anyone involved in finding or selling a home in Brookline could do better.”

-- James D., December 2018

“Eileen has represented me both as a buyer and a seller. As my buyer's agent, she utilized her deep knowledge of Brookline and surrounding markets to not only show me interesting properties, but also to inform me of red flags in listings that I would otherwise have missed. When the time came to put in an offer, her familiarity with market conditions as well as relationships with other agents sped up negotiations and led to a successful offer at a better price than I was expecting. When I later hired her as my seller's agent, I had already moved out of state, but my house was in capable and trustworthy hands with Eileen. She managed several teams of experts in moving and storing my furniture and then in repainting and staging my house for sale, a process that was totally stress-free for me. Thanks in no small part to her expertise, I had multiple offers within days of listing the house, again at a better price that I was expecting. If I were buying or selling in the Brookline area again, Eileen would be my first call.”

-- Justin C., November 2018

"You handled this tricky business beautifully, Eileen.  I could not have asked more from a broker."

-- Verne V., December 2015